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Michigan birds and Italian birds
‚ÄčThis is going to start out sounding like a pretentious, ignorant blog post about how traveling changes your life and makes you a better person, but it's not, I promise. During my first week in Italy this summer, us composers recorded various sounds around the village of Duino and made electronic compositions with them. I was struck by how many birds there were, and how they were always chittering and chatting all day long. It was something, I thought, that I had never encountered before, and I was mesmerized.
Area 1 Handbell Festival & Pro Tips for Pro Bell Ringing
I heard a lot of questions from the less experienced ringers in some of the courses I took at the Area 1 Handbell Festival, and I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to share the things I learned, either from three years of ringing with the Westminster Concert Bell Choir under direction of Kathy Ebling Shaw, the handbell conference, or just things that I know because I have been a solo artist, ensemble musician and choral singer of some shape for most of my life.
Banjo Chronicles: A new friend
So I bought a banjo. And it's beautiful.
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