Art Songs

On This Wondrous Sea
alto, flute, and piano
Lyrics: Emily Dickinson

Room to Roam
baritone and piano
Lyrics: George MacDonald (from Phantastes)

Water Lilies
soprano and piano
Lyrics: Sara Teasdal
Larger Works

Crazy People Like Us

Inspired by ordinary life at a music conservatory, this story follows five different students as they deal with the challenges of a single semester at Hathaway Choir College, ranging from the mundane to the tragic. ❊ Mary Bliden

In October of 2012, I approached my good friend, Mary Bliden, about the prospect of writing the libretto for a musical I wished to write. Her experience and knowledge of musical theater has been a blessing throughout the process. We produced the premiere performance of the show on April 27th, 2014 on Westminster's campus, with the help of student performers and professional musicians. View the Original Production.

Infinity's Reflection
Infinity’s Reflection invokes feelings of nostalgia and reminiscence. A combination of both handbells and choir chimes provides a rich musical texture and gives ringers the extra challenge of frequently switching between the two different instruments. The chimes are meant to represent the mysterious pull of memories as one struggles to move on to a more promising future. The melody is constantly thrown back and forth between chimes and bells, imitating the oppressive influence of the past on the present. One of the motives that appears several times in the bells includes many fast, repeated notes accented by syncopation, attempting to rise higher but always inevitably descending down to the same pitch, as if trying to run away from something. Written for and premiered by the Westminster Concert Bell Choir.

Songs of Motion
This set of three madrigals for SATB a cappella takes inspiration from early counterpoint with modern harmonic style. Each piece corresponds to one of Newton's laws of motion, setting the original latin text to music. These songs introduce a fun drama between the voices and breathe musical life into introductory physics principles.
Choral Pieces

All My Soul
SATB with keyboard accompaniment
Lyrics: Original

An Irish Blessing
SATB a cappella
Lyrics: Traditional

SSA a cappella
Lyrics: Drake Raft (from the After Dark Field Book Sonnets)

Remarkable (The Time is Now)

SATB a cappella
Lyrics: Original

To A Poet A Thousand Years Hence

SATB a cappella
Lyrics: James Elroy Flecker

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