Sarah Palermo | Composer | Songwriter | Music Theorist

  Endeavor No. 1

violin & electronics
collaboration with violinist Saikat Karmakar
Duration: 7-9 minutes

This piece was the result of a semester-long collaboration in an MSU seminar on digital symbiosis: composers teamed up with performers to create a new work for a solo instrument and electronics. The idea behind this piece was exploring sounds, both acoustic and electronic, that could complement each other in a soundscape, while also incorporating melodic and rhythmic elements in a semi-narrative ABA structure. Made using Max/MSP.
Endeavor No. 1 can be performed by a solo violinist, triggering cues with a foot pedal, or with the aid of an additional human running the Max patch. The opening and closing sections exist in their own, slow­-moving sound world, allowing the audience to live this space for a time. The middle section is a melodic and rhythmic digression.

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