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  Water Lilies

Soprano, Piano
Text: Sara Teasdale
Duration: 4:00
Commissioned and premiered by Elizabeth Wells.
To get a feeling for the aesthetics I desired for the piece, I spent time looking at the series of paintings by Claude Monet, also titled Water Lilies. I tried to use a tonal language that was nonfunctional and slightly ambiguous to display the same kind of impressionism as seen in Monet’s paintings. The piano is smooth and reflective, with sweeping arpeggios in each hand that glide inward towards each other, like reflections in a pool. The voice provides much of the rhythmic variation in the opening section and dances in the piano’s hesitation. In the second stanza, the tonality shifts slightly. The piano grows more involved as the soprano has longer, more expressive lines. The styles and gestures of the two sections are combined in the repetition of the second stanza, taking listeners on the journey a little further.
Elizabeth Wells, soprano
Martin Néron, piano

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